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It’s a carcaradon carcharias. It’s a Great White. 

Sun, 1st of June

The greatest female characters on screen appreciation | Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead)
"A person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship, or setbacks."

Sun, 1st of June


The Wire by Kagan McLeod

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I connect with amy brookheimer on a spiritual level

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Sat, 31st of May
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you little fucker

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Thu, 29th of May
❝ You’d shoot me, you get the chance?"
"You make me pull," Raylan said, "I’ll put you down."

Devil had the map spread open on the table again, the one with the circles and arrows. He said to Boyd coming back in the house, “You kiss him goodbye? ❞
—   Fire in the Hole, Elmore Leonard (via queerpotters)   —
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2001: A Space Odyssey references in Mad Men “The Monolith” & “The Runaways”

Thu, 15th of May

The cast and director of This Is Where I Leave You

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How the fuck do you screw up a handshake Mike? It’s four fingers and a thumb! 

Thu, 15th of May



everyone in California is either gonna die of dehydration in a drought or burn up in a wildfire, your in-n-out burger and snotty sense of superiorty bullshit wont save u this time fuckers

Yea maybe im gonna burn but im gonna rise from the ashes and eat in n out and tell u how good it is

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Thu, 15th of May

Is Roberto Orci too out of touch with the 'Star Trek' fandom to direct?


Awesome article from The Daily Dot. 

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